Jul 26

Participation Television: Engaging Audiences in Real Time

David Teich, from television industry publication, Cynopsis, spoke with iPowow CEO Gavin Douglas about television audience engagement.

Do you support a flat tax?

What’s the most important economic issue facing the country?

Who won the Republican debate?

Those are the kinds of online polls you may have seen on CNN’s Facebook page during the cable network’s GOP presidential primary debate last night. And afterward, you may have seen the audience’s responses broadcast to CNN’s live audience. CNN did the same thing at the most recent Democratic debate in November.

It’s all thanks to iPowow, a participation TV platform that allows audiences to interact with TV broadcasts using smartphones and social media. That participation might take the form of polls, or it might take the form of quizzes. And the show might be a political debate, a sporting event, or a cable drama. Here are the constants: The content is always interactive, and the audience engagement is always in real-time.

Gavin Douglas, the veteran TV pro-turned-iPowow CEO, talked to Cynopsis about the appeal of interactive content, the importance of intelligent data aggregation, and more.

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