Apr 7

iPowow to Showcase Gamified Participation TV with Sprockit at NAB 2014

iPowow, the leaders in Participation TV, showcase new models of TV gamification across screens as a Sprockit select at this year’s NAB 2014

iPowow, the driving force behind Participation TV, is excited to announce they will be showcasing their latest innovations in TV gamification at NAB 2014.

Taking multi-screen audience participation to the next level, iPowow has designed an interactive platform that holds the key to unlocking the secrets behind higher viewership, rating and engagement rates. The company will be showcasing these compelling new functions live for the first time, after being selected as one of Sprockit’s elite innovators.

A company on the leading edge of the global shift towards Participation TV, iPowow is forging a path to give television producers and advertisers a new breed of engagement and entertainment for viewers. This is in large part why Sprockit selected them to join an impressive list of top startups and innovators at NAB. Sprockit was created by the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) to act as a selective “who’s who” list for elite visionaries in the television industry.

During its first ever live demonstration, iPowow will show how TV viewers can become part of the on-screen action by gamifying the existing television story. The platform, which is used by companies like Red Bull Media House, USA Networks, ESPN, A&E and Comcast SportsNet, uses multiple screens to allow the audience to weigh-in and interact with their favorite shows. This is more than just simple voting, polling or a social experience, but one that brings the viewer directly into the storyline of their favorite TV show. By implementing this interactive platform, iPowow clients are achieving TV viewer engagement levels of over 10%, against an industry average of 1%.

In a world where broadcasters are battling for viewers’ attention, many are finding that iPowow’s innovative gamification approach is not only the best way to garner higher viewership, but also the best way to keep those viewers engaged in the TV show for a longer period of time. If you’re interested in seeing the future of television for yourself, make sure to stop by Booth C2455-G1 at the Sprockit Hub, to see iPowow’s Participation TV platform in action.