Jul 17

iPowow Helps Local Affiliates Play Like a National Network

WJXT, a Jacksonville, FL affiliate held a live singing competition, on-air, and asked their audience to choose the winner in real time. Under normal circumstances, that’s a tall order technically for a local station, but using iPowow, WJXT not only created a popular television event but showed that you don’t have to have national network resources to create top-notch interactivity:

Beating out major networks with a real-time, two-way interactivity format, Post-Newsweek’s WJXT Channel 4 in Jacksonville, FL enlisted the help of Participation TV innovators iPowow to put the power in the hands of the viewers…
This real-time engagement surpasses even the most seasoned of singing competition shows like American Idol, where viewers are required to call or text to cast votes—something that is tallied and revealed over an extended period of time. With this lean-forward TV format, the votes are instant, making revealing results live on-air an exciting experience for viewers.

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