Mar 13

Forget Must-See TV, Welcome to the Era of Must-Participate TV

Broadcasting & Cable featured an article by iPowow CEO Gavin Douglas about the continuing emergence of “Participation TV” as an integral tool for broadcasters and producers.

Viewer engagement and participation are becoming “must-have,” experiential elements, essentially turning “must-see TV” into “must-participate TV.” Such diverse, validated, iPowow “participation TV” successes as the NHL All-Star Draft, Modern Family and Project Runway speak for themselves. What’s more, they’re meeting four key objectives that the TV business strives for:

  • Engage viewers longer
  • Increase ratings
  • Generate new incremental revenues
  • Collect marketer- and media-valued audience data and metrics.

Producers, programmers or marketers who are reluctant to utilize the audience engagement tools available today need to move beyond the 1980s. But why should we? Have times changed? Have viewers’ behaviors and preferences changed? Are viewers clamoring to engage with the content? Are marketers and advertisers now looking for integration into the show and better ROI on their media expenditures? We need to move get out of the ’80s because the answer to these key questions is yes.

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